João Virott da Costa

I am a senior executive coach and change management practitioner with an eclectic approach to supporting executives to increase their impact on their organizations and society.

I currently run a private practice as an executive coach and lead an exceptional team of transformation experts at Bright Partners.

As a leader, manager and entrepreneur, I created and managed companies in different sectors, geographies and cultures, with small teams and huge teams, continuously developing my skills and strengthening my core values.

As a consultant, I started by supporting the transformation of business processes, systems, people functions and improving governance. After that I specialised in change management and discovered the impact that leading people has on business transformation. Finally, I discovered the joy of working with hundreds of great leaders, supporting them in transforming their lives and their businesses. I then understood that all the experiences I had collected over more than 30 years had been preparing me for my passion: being an executive coach!

Being an executive coach has a far greater impact than any project I’ve managed before or even all the companies I’ve founded, and it also carries a great deal of responsibility. That’s why I’m pursuing a Masters in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School (University of Reading). I want to go deeper and constantly improve my coaching skills. Being a coach is always a work in progress.


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