Fernanda Kranendonk

I am a mature and Executive Leader, with 25 years of experience in Automotive Industry. I am experienced on Global Performance Management and operational leadership for the Business Development, continuous improvement and delivery of customer service, as well as the strategic development of operational requirements, process and technology, to deliver key service outcomes for customers and successful Balance Scorecards.
Apart from create engaged customers, to facilitate organic growth, I am focused on strategically lead and develop a senior operational management team, by working on leadership competencies and behavior alignment to manage transformation and make the difference for business success.
I am a strongly believer that People are the most important asset and value inside the Organization.
Therefore, I am passionate by people.
My experience was leading successfully teams in international business, in different areas such as
Customer Service, Quality, Purchasing, Procurement, Logistic and Production Planning, always looking
for the Excellence in the Business.
Implementation of different strategies, team reorganization, KPI definitions and follow up for process
monitorization and system sustainability, with problem solving approach and risk analysis, are the core
of my achievements during las years.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fernanda-cruz-kranendonk-6483724/

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